How to turn your email into your secretary

Your email as your secretary
18, Oct How to turn your email into your secretary

There are those who can not live without an agenda. With an electronic agenda or a paper one you can organize the various appointments and commitments that you have accumulate in days, weeks or months. And yet, we forget some of these commitments.

To resolve that issue you can hire a secretary who takes care of your work agenda and will remind you what you have to do. It sounds a bit weird because the work of the secretary is supposed to reiterate what you wrote in your diary but, hey, so is the life of busy people.

If you find yourself in a similar or worse case, you should be pleased to know that your email can act as your secretary and remember all those appointments you wrote once. And the solution is simpler than you might think:

The ideal calendar

There are many online calendar services and almost all of them are linked to the same e-mail services.

They play the role of the agenda that others have on paper. Definitely there is no way to link your agenda with your email unless you have an online calendar service, because information needs to be written in your computer. The ideal agenda will be the calendar that allows you to send event reminders by email. The Google Calendar, for example, is directly linked to Gmail accounts and have the option to assign this task. So every time an event is getting closer, you will be sent an email to your inbox with the specifications that you gave to the event. So, only by checking your email, you will find reminders of your agenda. Yahoo also has its own online calendar service for its users and it gives you the same facilities. Always try to look first your email service, because if there is already a schedule program it will be configured to work with this email automatically.

Share your calendar

You will probably have group or public events where you have to go with your work mates. For these cases, your calendar service can invite others to attend the event and an email will be sent to them. If you use Google Calendar, you can create a secondary calendar and share it with other users (even if they have Gmail or not), so that they are informed of your upcoming events.

Mobile Calendar

There are plenty of ways to link your calendar with your email in almost any smartphone device, tablets or laptops. Sometimes this link is integrated by default or you can download free applications that let you do it from the official stores in Android, Apple or Windows. There is no excuse to say that you did not remember an event you wrote down in your agenda. The wonderful thing about the synchronicity of events on mobile devices is that when you access to an online calendar service, no matter in which device you create the event, you will always receive a notification in your email while is updated in all your linked devices.